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Popee (ポピー) is an apprentice clown in Wolf Circus and the protagonist of the show.


Standing at 5'4" (165.5cm)[1], Popee has blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Underneath his hat, Popee keeps his hair in two small pigtails. He wears a white and pink/red striped onesie with a longish cat tail, along with a pink rabbit hat and a blue satchel.


Popee appears to have a really short tempered, jealous, and insane personality throughout the show.

He wants to be better than everyone else in the circus, as proven by showing acts of jealousy, for example, toward Papi when he was able to complete a trick that Popee was not able to do successfully. It's the same with Kedamono, who suffers the most from his violent outbursts. However, despite the violence he directs towards him, Popee does not actually hate Kedamono.[2] In fact, he feels less alone when near Kedamono.[3] Popee is self-centered, but he is also lonely.

Despite his behavior towards others, Popee appears to be fond of his sister, Marifa[4]. He apparently is unaware of her true, devilish nature and thinks she is without fault[5]. It's possible they aren't blood-related.[6]

On Ryuji Masuda's website, Popee is described as a "fast-paced runaway type who will do anything to protect himself. He's as simple as a child, and to say he's innocent is an understatement."[7]

Popee seems to get frustrated often. In a tweet, Ryuji Masuda noted that, in Japan, people have a fear that they won't be loved if they don't get good results or high achievements, and that this creates much fear and anxiety. He says this is how Popee feels, as well, except that his frustration and fear become insanity.[8]

Sometimes, Popee gets so caught up in himself that he self-destructs.[9]


Where it has been confirmed in the past that Popee is male,[10] a recent thread from Wakako Masuda suggests that, while Popee was said to be a boy, his gender is more complex than "male or female".[11] He does not want to commit to a label of "male" or "female"[11], and instead just wants to do what he wants.[12][13] This means his gender is unknown—and up to the interpretation of fans.[14]

The only person who knows Popee's gender is Mirror Popee, who reflects the same gender.[13][15]

Despite this, Popee has been referred to with he/him pronouns in the past (and in the thread mentioned). This does not make him male.


  • Papi is Popee's father.[16] Popee refuses to believe this, however.[17][18][19]
  • As stated by Ryuji Masuda, Popee has no romantic experience and does not know if he likes men or women.[20]
  • Popee has died 28 times throughout the entire series.
  • Popee, is the same height as his creator (5' 4"/165.5cm)[1]
  • Popee has a little sister named Marifa, though she does not appear in the show.[21]
  • Ryuji Masuda has stated on his twitter that he intends to draw a parody comic centering on Popee's and the other characters' high school days.[22] This spin-off now has a title: Chinchikurin
  • Popee's Chinchikurin counterpart is Hanabishi Kuruwaya.
  • Popee was raised by an unknown woman (perhaps a nanny), due to his Father being a wandering performer.[23]
  • It's unknown what happened to Popee's Mother or who she is, but she is alive.[24]
  • Popee's tail is fake.[25]
  • Popee is capable of speech.[26]
  • Popee, as the rest of the cast, was designed by Wakako Masuda. When asked if Popee has a nationality, she said he was created with the image of an American.[27] It is unknown if this is simply a design choice.
  • In episode 37, Popee is shown setting a table with various foods. This may indicate he knows how to cook.
  • Popee uses male pronouns.[10]
  • Popee's birthday is April 1st.[28]
  • Popee grows up, becomes a scientist (Dr. Popee), and sells Papi's soul to the demon Boron (oh! Jesus) in order to create a robot.[29]
  • When fans saw the design for 30 year old Popee, they asked, "Did Popee give up on his circus dream?" and the creator replied, "No, he didn't give up on his dream, but rather, after 13 years, he realized there's no live audience in the desert."[30]
  • During Popee's creation, Ryuji Masuda was asked, "If Popee's invincible, why can't he achieve his dreams?" Ryuji Masuda replied, "Even if you have grand or nuclear power, it's dangerous for an idiot to use it. Regardless of what kind of power you have, if you're insane, you'll cause destruction. And that's what Popee depicts on the show."[31]
  • Popee's favorite color is pink.[32]
  • Popee's surname is Paraphone (パラーフォーン Paraphone).[33] "Paraphone" is a real english word meaning "communication with the paranormal."[34]


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