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There have been multiple examples of merchandise of Popee the Performer, most depicting Popee and Kedamono, sometimes Papi or the other characters. A list of most merchandise can be found at Columbia Japan's page for the series , while others (disk sets and manga) can be found on amazon.jp .  

If you want a comprehensive guide on how to purchase merchandise, the wiki has one here.

Merchandise was available to purchase through several different methods. Most, if not all merchandise, was available to purchase by calling and making an order over the phone. Stores with online shops also sold goods there, such as curio-city, Kiddyland, tanomi and Jedi. Other goods were available in person, at least at SEGA Kiddyland stores, which hosted Popee events before.

Merchandise Catalogue

This is a catalogue of Popee merchandise in alphabetical order.


Kedamono mask collection, set of 4

Kedamono mask set of 12 (silver)

Popee the Performer pins (Papi, Frog, Kedamono, Popee)

UFO watch

Flash Watch

Computer accessories

Popee the Performer Computer Accessories Set

Popee the Performer Carnival (Uncensored Edition)


Popee the Performer Vol. 1

Popee the Performer Vol. 2

Popee the Performer Vol. 3

Popee the Performer DVD box



Kids Station event T-shirt (not for sale)

Tanomi T-shirts

  • Popee 2.0
  • Kedamono 2.0
  • Papi 2.0

T-shirt set of 3 w/film case


Kedamono Figure

Popee Figure

Papi Figure (w/Paola)

Trading figures


Kedamono face cushion

Popee the toaster


Kedamono earrings

Kedamono silver bracelet

Kedamono silver ring

Snap'n roll bracelets


Kedamono ascension statue

Kedamono angel crystal block

Popee and Kedamono bobbleheads

Zippo Lighters


P.O.S.T.&K.O.T. Popee the Performer Original Soundtrack

Popee the Clown (Soundtrack)

Koro-chan Pack (Popee the Performer)

Plush toys

Tanomi plushes

New Years' plushes

Dousin plushes

Sega Plushes


Kedamono Bookmark

Popee pen case

Personal organizer

Clear file (set of 3)

Postcards (set of 6)

Kedamono mask sticker sheet

Popee the Performer pencil pouch


Strap charm set

Mascot strap

Bendy straps

Bendy keychains

Unreleased goods

There are five known plushies (shown below) that never made it past the prototype stage. They were intended to be prizes in claw machines/UFO catchers.[1]